Beware of Vision Recruitment Services or Developing Your Potential


February 2015

I have been made aware of this new company through a poster on this blog. It looks as if Vision Recruitment has now become Developing Your Potential Recruitment. The set-up is the same as RDS and Vision Recruitment used to be. You have to take a silly literacy and numeracy test. Then some sales agent phones you and try to get you to buy a course for around £300. The course on Developing Your Potential’s site is exactly the one I did. It is a useless course.

Original Post

Last year, I send my CV for a job advertised by Recruitment and Development Solutions (RDS). I instantly received a phone call from a very slick salesman, Nick Jellyman, who told me to ever be considered for such a job (of which they apparently had many) I have to do a short course through the company.

I should have smelled a rat, but the course wasn’t too expensive, so I enrolled. Needless to say the course didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already knew, but I assumed the certificate would open doors for me. Literally a month after the course finished the company went into liquidation.

I emailed the director, Kerri Farrington, to find out what is happening with all the jobs they had and where the certification was accredited. With the company not existing anymore the certificate had no value as it wasn’t accredited anywhere. I now sit with a certificate for a course where I learnt nothing new, which isn’t worth the paper it is written on. She promised to send me for interviews as soon as her new company is up and running. It is now a year later and she has disappeared. I get no answers to my emails and the phone lines are disconnected.

I eventually wrote it off as just another scam I fell for, until the other day. I saw an advertisement for a position similar to the one I applied for with RDS. The description was 80% the same as the one I saw last year. If you don’t have the necessary qualifications they will contact you to discuss options. By now I know this option is to get money out of you for a useless certification. Unless they want to sell something to you, recruitment agents very seldom contact you, if you don’t fit the profile for the position.

I decided to dig a bit deeper and checked out Vision Recruitment ( the company that advertised the job similar to the one I fell for last year). When I looked on their website they didn’t even had education as a job sector. They advertisement was for a job in education. How can you advertise a job on a job site but don’t have that job or even the job sector on your own website?

I couldn’t find Kerri Farrington’s name anywhere on the site, but didn’t give up. I decided to Google her name and found her LinkedIn profile where she proudly call herself the director at Vision Recruitment. Bingo. I am sure she hasn’t got her name on the Vision Recruitment website as she knows she owes all the people who took her stupid course jobs.

So, be very careful of Vision Recruitment. They don’t really have the jobs they advertise and they will promise you the sun and the moon if you take a useless course with them. Once they made their money, I believe the company will be liquidated again and no chance of getting your money back or a job.

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16 Responses to Beware of Vision Recruitment Services or Developing Your Potential

  1. sean says:

    Well said who ever wrote this post above. Kerri Farrington and her husband Scott Farrington are corrupt business people. They use the names Bill and Maria Wellings as other identities. STAFFORD beware they niw also operate a business Vision of Beauty and they deceived people to get their claws into to start this buiness. If Vision of Beauty is anything like vision recruitment do not risk using it

  2. Paul says:

    Vision promised me help and support and never delivered on it. I completed the course but never submitted my paper as it’s absolutely fixed that you will pass.
    The tutor specifically told us to keep submitting our work to them until it’s correct and then they will send it to the board for certificates.
    I felt the course was a waste of my time as I didn’t feel I learnt anything, what was taught was common sense.
    It would help if the tutor knew how to speak correctly using language like taught not teached.
    Vision never helped look for employment after, just harassed me with emails asking for money to take an SEN course.
    Kerri farringdon is an extremely rude, obnoxious and patronising woman.
    I advise to be careful of this company.

    • Annette says:

      Paul, I think they have had various companies now. Once they get into trouble they just close down the company and start a new one. They wouldn’t find you employment as they don’t have real jobs available. They only advertise the jobs to get you to buy the course, which is of no use to you as the entire process is a joke. Some more info on Kerri Farrington

  3. Toby says:

    The Farringtons should be prosecuted and not allowed to operate businesses. The people are complete scum and rip off vulnerable people. Please share this about the farringtons and their scam business .

    • Annette says:

      It seems obvious to me that they have angried a lot of people. The problem is they just continue doing it, because people still don’t check before they pay money. Their courses are useless.

  4. Aisha says:

    Also watch out for Developing Your Potential Recruitment, they basically did the same to me, same story except through pestering and getting my bank involved I managed to get my money back!

  5. chuckle says:

    I was contacted by a company called “developing your potential recruitment” (a supposedly teaching agency) which seems to be the same deal. A SCAM. I sent a cv through an online recruitment site (indeed website) and was contacted by this company, pushing me into a course which I did not need. He started becoming threatening and rude after I told him I was not interested in the job anymore. The website says they are based in Leicester LE3 3AS, but when I asked the rude man, he said they weren’t based anywhere but more of national agency. Problem is, he has my details, phone number, location. AAARRRGGGHHH. These people piss me off.

    Old comments, but it might help someone.

    • Annette says:

      The real teaching recruitment agencies don’t offer courses. Maybe some CPD, but not teacher’s training or TA-training as this is a totally different division. These con companies are very seldom accredited anywhere so the qualification is worth as much as a piece of toilet paper. It is most probably the same company. They forever go bankrupt as they can’t honour their commitments.

  6. Julie Monroe says:

    To my understanding Annette, CPD is part of gaining a qualification or to gain more knowledge is it not? Therefore your comment does not makes sense. Whilst I don’t agree with companies offering something that’s not worth anything I would maybe suggest we all check in more depth before we agree to anything.
    Chuckle, if you are not happy them having your number then either block them with your iPhone and if you don’t have one maybe call your provider. It also states that these companies go bankrupt however it appears Developing Your Potential has been running for quite a while now so not sure with the validity of your comments Annette??

    • Annette says:

      Julie if you read the post you will see that I mentioned that Developing your Potential has very much the same approach as Vision Recruitement and RDS had. RDS took money from people, promised interviews for jobs they never had and then went bankrupt. The course Developing your Potential offers is exactly the same as the one RDS had. A coincidence? I don’t think so. CPD is wonderful but always offered for free by teaching agencies or schools to their employees. Rather look for a agency that is commited to get you a post rather than one that is just contacting people to make useless promises and want you to pay for even more useless courses.

  7. Julie Monroe says:

    Ahhhh I did not see the earlier part of this thread… yes it does seem a little strange for companies to offer useless courses that have no weight to them. I would always look at recognised courses anyway as you cant argue with these… It’s sad to hear people are left in a position such as above with false hopes given. I guess people should stick to the main qualifications and ask lots of questions when speaking to these companies to eliminate the issues as if no one used the services surely they would go out of business anyway as some already have by the looks of it.

  8. Annette says:

    If courses are not accredited with a reputable organisation it is really not worth spending money on it. Unless you just want to do it for your own benefit, but employers don’t really take it seriously.

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