Beware of Vision Recruitment Services, Developing Your Potential and The Learning College

May 2018 – Virginia just commented that Farrington’s are still trading as NEW FOCUS COLLEGE  and still up to their old tricks. I see Draycott’s DYP (Developing Your Potential) is also insolvent. He took me on last year because I mentioned him in the same post as the Farrington’s but according to Virginia DYP employ the same tactics by getting you to buy a course and then disappear.

August 2016 – Bob just informed  that the Farrington’s registered yet another new company namely NEW FOCUS COLLEGE – BE AWARE.


January 2016

I just saw on the companies house website that Kerri Farrington and Scott Farrington are the directors of this company as of 13 January 2016.  I would stay far away from The Learning College regardless of how legit they might appear to be.  They have cheated too many people at their previous companies to ever trust them. They tend to advertise jobs on jobsites – these jobs don’t exist, but this is how they lure people to contact them.

Beware of the Farringtons.

August 2015

A reader just alerted me that Vision Recruitment is now trading as The Learning College. I couldn’t find anything that indicated that Kerry Farrington is part of it. She might have decided to stay in the background as her reputation is definitely not a positive one. I would however not trust this company due to their relation to Vision Recruitment and all the scam companies Farrington is associated with. Be warned.

May 2015

This one went into liquidation as well. Since 2012 five companies ran by Kerry Farrington went into liquidation.

February 2015

I have been made aware of this new company through a poster on this blog. Developing Your Potential Recruitment. The set-up seems the same as RDS and Vision Recruitment used to be. You have to take a silly literacy and numeracy test. Then some sales agent phones you and try to get you to buy a course for around £300. The course on Developing Your Potential’s site is exactly the one I did. It is a useless course.

Original Post

Last year, I send my CV for a job advertised by Recruitment and Development Solutions (RDS). I instantly received a phone call from a very slick salesman, Nick Jellyman, who told me to ever be considered for such a job (of which they apparently had many) I have to do a short course through the company.

I should have smelled a rat, but the course wasn’t too expensive, so I enrolled. Needless to say the course didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know, but I assumed the certificate would open doors for me. Literally a month after the course finished the company went into liquidation.

I emailed the director, Kerri Farrington, to find out what is happening with all the jobs they had and where the certification was accredited. With the company not existing anymore the certificate had no value as it wasn’t accredited anywhere. I now sit with a certificate for a course where I learnt nothing new, which isn’t worth the paper it is written on. She promised to send me for interviews as soon as her new company is up and running. It is now a year later and she has disappeared. I get no answers to my emails and the phone lines are disconnected.

I eventually wrote it off as just another scam I fell for, until the other day. I saw an advertisement for a position similar to the one I applied for with RDS. The description was 80% the same as the one I saw last year. If you don’t have the necessary qualifications they will contact you to discuss options. By now I know this option is to get money out of you for a useless certification. Unless they want to sell something to you, recruitment agents very seldom contact you, if you don’t fit the profile for the position.

I decided to dig a bit deeper and checked out Vision Recruitment ( the company that advertised the job similar to the one I fell for last year). When I looked on their website they didn’t even had education as a job sector. They advertisement was for a job in education. How can you advertise a job on a job site but don’t have that job or even the job sector on your own website?

I couldn’t find Kerri Farrington’s name anywhere on the site, but didn’t give up. I decided to Google her name and found her LinkedIn profile where she proudly call herself the director at Vision Recruitment. Bingo. I am sure she hasn’t got her name on the Vision Recruitment website as she knows she owes all the people who took her stupid course jobs.

So, be very careful of Vision Recruitment. They don’t really have the jobs they advertise and they will promise you the sun and the moon if you take a useless course with them. Once they made their money, I believe the company will be liquidated again and no chance of getting your money back or a job.


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  1. sean says:

    Well said who ever wrote this post above. Kerri Farrington and her husband Scott Farrington are corrupt business people. They use the names Bill and Maria Wellings as other identities. STAFFORD beware they niw also operate a business Vision of Beauty and they deceived people to get their claws into to start this buiness. If Vision of Beauty is anything like vision recruitment do not risk using it

  2. Paul says:

    Vision promised me help and support and never delivered on it. I completed the course but never submitted my paper as it’s absolutely fixed that you will pass.
    The tutor specifically told us to keep submitting our work to them until it’s correct and then they will send it to the board for certificates.
    I felt the course was a waste of my time as I didn’t feel I learnt anything, what was taught was common sense.
    It would help if the tutor knew how to speak correctly using language like taught not teached.
    Vision never helped look for employment after, just harassed me with emails asking for money to take an SEN course.
    Kerri farringdon is an extremely rude, obnoxious and patronising woman.
    I advise to be careful of this company.

    • Annette says:

      Paul, I think they have had various companies now. Once they get into trouble they just close down the company and start a new one. They wouldn’t find you employment as they don’t have real jobs available. They only advertise the jobs to get you to buy the course, which is of no use to you as the entire process is a joke. Some more info on Kerri Farrington

  3. Toby says:

    The Farringtons should be prosecuted and not allowed to operate businesses. The people are complete scum and rip off vulnerable people. Please share this about the farringtons and their scam business .

    • Annette says:

      It seems obvious to me that they have angered a lot of people. The problem is they just continue doing it, because people still don’t check before they pay money. Their courses are useless.

  4. Aisha says:

    Also watch out for Developing Your Potential Recruitment, they basically did the same to me, same story except through pestering and getting my bank involved I managed to get my money back!

    • kristinazarco says:

      Hi, I have been called aswel by Developing Your Potential Recruitment offering a teaching development training. Shouldn’t I trust it? Thanks

    • Naz says:

      Just last week they did the same to me! They rang me up and started asking questions which led me think it was a job interview. Half an hour into the call he came up with a ‘solution’ which could get me employment. Yes, you guessed it, a course!! I made up an excuse of not having a credit card and that my husband would let me use his and to contact me later. Then he asked its okay dont you have a debit card and pau half but I said that was too much so je said half that amoint as well then. After pressurising and nearly 1 hour on the phone I paid half of the half. I knew nothing of this company and realised that I had been played. I rung the bank and they advised to stop my card but the payment still went through. I contacted the bank who sent me a dispute form. However I took a different approach. I contacted Trading Standards!

      • betsy says:

        please help me i just fell for this tell me exactly what you did i’m with lloyds bank

      • Sana Adam says:

        The bank told me as I authorised it there was nothing they could do. How much did they take off you?

      • anna says:

        and me. i had exactly the same situation!!!

    • adina says:

      Hi Aisha,
      They was agree to give you money back?how long it take’s?Pls share with us more details about cancellation.

      • Annette says:

        I don’t know if Aisha will see this as her comment was quite a while back. I hope you manage to get your money back.

  5. chuckle says:

    I was contacted by a company called “developing your potential recruitment” (a supposedly teaching agency) which seems to be the same deal. A SCAM. I sent a cv through an online recruitment site (indeed website) and was contacted by this company, pushing me into a course which I did not need. He started becoming threatening and rude after I told him I was not interested in the job anymore. The website says they are based in Leicester LE3 3AS, but when I asked the rude man, he said they weren’t based anywhere but more of national agency. Problem is, he has my details, phone number, location. AAARRRGGGHHH. These people piss me off.

    Old comments, but it might help someone.

  6. Julie Monroe says:

    To my understanding Annette, CPD is part of gaining a qualification or to gain more knowledge is it not? Therefore your comment does not makes sense. Whilst I don’t agree with companies offering something that’s not worth anything I would maybe suggest we all check in more depth before we agree to anything.
    Chuckle, if you are not happy them having your number then either block them with your iPhone and if you don’t have one maybe call your provider. It also states that these companies go bankrupt however it appears Developing Your Potential has been running for quite a while now so not sure with the validity of your comments Annette??

    • Annette says:

      Julie if you read the post you will see that I mentioned that Developing your Potential has very much the same approach as Vision Recruitement and RDS had. RDS took money from people, promised interviews for jobs they never had and then went bankrupt. The course Developing your Potential offers is exactly the same as the one RDS had. A coincidence? I don’t think so. CPD is wonderful but always offered for free by teaching agencies or schools to their employees. Rather look for a agency that is commited to get you a post rather than one that is just contacting people to make useless promises and want you to pay for even more useless courses.

  7. Julie Monroe says:

    Ahhhh I did not see the earlier part of this thread… yes it does seem a little strange for companies to offer useless courses that have no weight to them. I would always look at recognised courses anyway as you cant argue with these… It’s sad to hear people are left in a position such as above with false hopes given. I guess people should stick to the main qualifications and ask lots of questions when speaking to these companies to eliminate the issues as if no one used the services surely they would go out of business anyway as some already have by the looks of it.

  8. Annette says:

    If courses are not accredited with a reputable organisation it is really not worth spending money on it. Unless you just want to do it for your own benefit, but employers don’t really take it seriously.

  9. Miranda says:

    Actually, this sounds very similar to an experience i have just encountered with a company called Vision Learning Academy, and they were endorsed and offering credible qualifications such as NCFE and Cache. However, since paying my money and embarking on the course i had had no contact after the online tutorials held once a fortnight. I wished to continue with the qualification up until i went to their website to discover it was inactive. I have now found out they (Kerri & Scott Farrington) have gone into liquidation and there is no chance of getting any money or my qualification.
    Had I questioned the source of advertising for this company; offered through Reed (a reputable source) then perhaps I would have become suspicious of their genuinity.

  10. Annette says:

    An update. Since 2012 the Farrington’s liquidated 5 companies.

  11. Bruno says:

    I was in the same situation as some of the people here: they phoned me to offer me an online course to have the right qualifications to work in UK as a teacher… Thanks God I wasnt as desperate as others…

    Do someone knows any “real” way to adapt an Spanish teaching diploma into the UK Education System? Thanks.

    • Annette says:

      Bruno if you did your training in Spain you shouldn’t have a problem to find a teaching job. Contact the Department for Education. You might have to get it checked by NARIC. The department should be able to tell you.

  12. Dully B says:

    I have found them on Facebook and i plan on taking action, because they did the same to me. They are doing a new company called farmington associates which probably is a scam.

  13. Jordan says:

    If these people are scamming everyone I highly recommend you all report them They need to be stopped! I’m glad I sore this post before going forward with them. X

    • Annette says:

      I have actually reported them to the job sites where they advertise. Don’t know if the sites did anything about it. They advertise for jobs that they don’t have and then con people into taking their courses by making promises that they will find you a job once you have completed the course. By that time they are bankrupt again and don’t have to honour their promises. Sick business.

  14. Alicia says:

    omg, I bought this from them and they took 50 pounds fee… is there a way to get out of this? Shouldn’t they have sth like I can resignin 10 days?

  15. Emily says:

    I found out the other day that Vision became The Learning College

    They have a website too and new phone numbers.

    So anyone who was with Vision Learning like me, they are still going, they just changed their name. And it’s owned by someone called Christina which may be another alias.

    I will try to get in touch to see what they did with my homework. I don’t trust them one bit but I’m determined to see where my work is as I never even got my qualification. Maybe if we all contact them we can do something about this.

    • Annette says:

      I don’t know how to stop them from doing this. They run the company for a year or two, take money from people and dissolve the company or change the name and start the entire process again. Wonder how long this is going to last?

  16. Ed says:

    I know the FARRINGTON’s and I can tell you they are complete and utter FRAUDSTERS, however no matter what is reported they seem to be getting away with it and just re-surfacing under a new name and address. Kerri and Scott Farrington are Husband and Wife, their son George works in the business and Christina is Scotts mum who they clearly exploit, I bet the poor woman knows nothing of Scotts fraud. They owe money to their past accountants. The own a property 15 Coppice End, Stafford ST16 1RN, this is rented out to Sharon Turner (AKA Ronnie) who also spent years conning people with the Farringtons selling courses. As sad a it is to read all of the above comments this has been going on for nearly 5 years and the victims of the Farringtons need to speak out and get the people brought to justice.

    • Annette says:

      They seem to have a company going bankrupt every two years. Surely there must be some kind of control or enquiry into this. I am a teacher so my business knowledge is non-existent.

  17. Paulina says:

    Beware dear teachers! These people wil make you feel useless! I have degree in English and QTS and know Curriculum by heart and one consultant wanted to enroll me for a course for 300£! He was dorespectful and told me ‘ well you havent even been shortlisted for interview’ How cheeky! I hanged up on him! His name was Will, beware!

    • Yes!! Will called me too.

      It felt like an impromptu interview which totally panicked me. It was a phone call that lasted 45 minutes in which he told me if I had any chance of getting a job in teaching or onto a PGCE i’d need to do this course for £300. I stopped him at this point, smelling a rat, and said I’d want to discuss it with my partner. He kept pressing, wanting to know why I’d want to discuss it and how the payments could be broken down, until I was firm and asked him to call back again tomorrow when i’d have an answer for him.

      With me they seemed to use a combination of flattery and putting me down. Yes, I seemed lovely and had great academic and career accomplishments, but if I had ANY hope of getting into teaching and onto a PGCE id’ HAVE to do this course. So glad I asked for some time to research and found this page, it’s saved me a lot of money and stress!

    • Helen says:

      I received a similar phone call today from “Develop Your Potential Recruitment”, after applying for a (fictious) job as a Teaching Assistant on a jobs site. Same strategy, disrespectful, wanted to sell me a £300 course, seemed to be calling from a call center in India.

      • Annette says:

        Helen if you want to do a teaching assistant course rather do it at an approved college. Most councils have teaching assistant courses at the their colleges.

      • Helen says:

        Thank you very much Annette, I will certainly look into that.

  18. Waha Sawas says:

    Oh thank you for this. I have just been called today by Developing Your Potential Recruitment and they asked me the same, they want my money, so I told them I would think about it while I look for some feedback on the company! Glad I did. A rule of thumb, never pay on the phone if you were not the one who called.

    • Kadie Jones says:

      Developing Your Potential did the same thing to me too. They took me by surprise this morning when they rang and gave me a phone interview I wasn’t expecting. Obviously as I was taken off guard and hadn’t had time to prepare and research for the interview, they said my qualifications and knowledge don’t match up to my level of experience, despite having a Level 2 TA certificate and currently studying my degree. The guy on the phone I spoke with, Joel, made me feel quite bad about not having the knowledge that this course would offer, and made it clear that I would not be able to find work now or in the future without it. He also mentioned that without the knowledge of the course I wouldn’t be accepted onto a PGCE because they expect candidates to have this (knowledge) already. He made feel very concerned about my career in teaching and knocked my confidence slightly- which was obviously the aim so I’d enrol on to the course. After stating several times that I wouldn’t want to make a decision just yet as I’d like to do some research, he wasn’t taking no for an answer – “so can I get your confirmation that you’re okay with everything we’ve discussed today?” etc.. He then tried to get bank details, which thankfully I don’t know by heart nor was I going to give without thinking it over. Eventually he stopped trying to convince me and said he’d call me back later.

      Fortunately I didn’t pay for anything over the phone because after the call ended, I did some research and here I am. I do not recommend anyone register with this recruitment agency, and certainly not to give your bank details away. It seems like a scam, and a very malicious one at that – unfairly attacking someone’s confidence of their skills and experience in order to get money out of them.

      • Annette says:

        I am so glad you did the sensible thing and waited. The other problem is they keep on going bankrupt so you might pay the money and never hear from them again and it is definitely not true that you need the course to be accepted onto a PGCE. That is a big fat lie.

  19. angela says:

    Hi! I’m from spain, and now I’m in spain, in one week I’ll move on to Uk so, I am looking for job via several page for job seeker. I saw an ad job “teaching assistant” and I applied. I received a email where told me they are interested in a interview… well, I gave them my number phone and one minute later I receive a call pone. She called Yasmin and started to ask me a thousand question… My english level isn’t good enough and thirty minutes later I suggest finish the interview because I didn’t understand well. But she didn’t mind… she asked, asked and asked….
    Finally tell me that, for the job, I need do a course… wihout it I couldn’t work in education enviorement in UK, sincerely I feel very uncomfortable with the situation and I told that I couldn’t give an answer in that momento and she start to pushing me “I need to know Now…. I you don’t pay now You loose this opportunity job” arrgg.. Finally I refused “the oportunity”

    sincerely was very fustrating. In spain we have a very difficult laboral situation and you try to look for new opportunities outside your country and when you see this kind of scams.. It’s quite hateful!

    Thank you for yor comments, I feel very identified!

    • Annette says:

      Angela I am just glad you didn’t fall for it because they would have made you do the course and still wouldn’t have been able to find you a job.

  20. Liane says:

    The people or should I say FRAUDSTERS should be jailed and have all their possessions taken off them under POCA, Proceeds of Crime Act.

  21. Edward says:

    Thelearningcollege is one of the latest names these con-artists are using. My girlfriend was ripped of 2 years ago by their business when it was called pacific recruitment back then and we were promised our money back by the boss, but nothing received. I do not know how these people sleep at night, i imagine very comfortable beds at victims expense. My sister was nearly victim to them but when she told us we warned her off.

  22. Reo says:

    I nearly fell for this too. I would strongly advice all those who fell for there scandal to take it further and get her locked away with out the key! Stop them from doing this to others and get back what you deserve!

  23. Siama says:

    Report thelearningcollege and dyp recruitment to this

  24. T. says:

    Thank you for this updates here. I thought i was on a way to change my career. But it’s a scam. Thanks God, i did find this blog.

    They called me this week,sometime morning. Developing Your Potential they’ve called themselves. Caught me by surprise so I was a bit nervous during the telephone interview, but everything was really smooth, almost ideal. I do not have teaching background but for some time i wanted to get into this sector. When they called me and checked my background they offered the solution, the course. 2h a week for 2months or so. The guy, Chris, ws very polite,joked a lot with me, we even talked weather! He left me hanging for a minute to talk with his manager bout my situation. Then he kept on pressing on me to say YES to the course, i kept refusing because i felt being pressured. And he wanted to know my reasons for not agreeing to this ”opportunity”. I must have sent my CV to them in March or Apirl so i was bit surprised that they’ve caught up with me in late May. 2 things that put me off a bit, was the ever so subtle way the guy critisized my current employmet. It was very subtle.i only realised it after the conversation ws done. And when he lied that i asked him to help me and ask his manager to find the solution. I didnt. He came up with the solution himself. I told him i will call him after the weekend. I wont now. He sid he will email me with details. He didnt. I’m bit disappointed because for a moment i thought sth good is going to happen, a new skill to learn and possibly a new job. Well…better safe than sorry.

    • Annette says:

      Please don’t sign up for any of their courses. It is not going to help you at all. Rather do a TA course through an accredited institution. Many colleges offer TA courses and it costs basically the same.

  25. Omg I’m so glad I went with my gut instinct and didn’t give over my bank details!! I applied for what I thought was a teaching assistant job (an actual job role) but when I got the phone call Friday I was pressured into doing this course. She made out that she knew me and my position and that I needed this course to go on to my PGCE and basically she wouldn’t helped me to get teaching assistant jobs if i didn’t do this course. As some one that didn’t get into my PGCE the first time for a lack of experience I thought this would be my opportunity to get more experience and help so I could get on next time I applied. It’s sick that they pray on people like this. Luckily I made out I didn’t have my card on me (she even asked if someone could go get it for me and bring it to me…) she then asked me to do a bank transfer straight into their business account! I said I would to get her off the phone and she kept asking how long it would take me. Her name was neha and this is her email address; This whole thing has made me so so mad!!!! I hope people don’t fool for this shit! And they get taken down!!!

  26. Almost Suckered says:

    Ive just come off the phone from developing your potential and decided to do some research, I’m pleased I did and didn’t pay a single penny (just wasted my time and hopes). I will now look at a proper course that will enable me to achieve my desired career path, although I now question all the confidence boosting I received.

  27. Darren Street says:

    I am shocked that Bradley Draycott is not behind bars yet, the bad always seem to get away with things in life and the good struggle. DYP is a company offering fake dream careers, bad advice and a company that are focused on their bank balance at the detriment to their victims

    • Annette says:


      Do you know how he is connected to the Farringtons? In Janauary Kerri Farrington was the director of DYP.

      • Darren Street says:

        Annette, such a long long story…in summary Farringtons and Draycott started a company in 2010 (RDS) Recruitment and Development Solutions this company was also selling dreams, lies to vulnerable, my wife worked there and SAW everything, the company was exposed by the Advertising Standards Authority – ASA and the Job Boards where they advertised their FAKE job adverts to attract candidates personal details banned them, however some job boards like Total Jobs, Monster for some reason allowed them to carry on….over time RDS was getting a reputation so Draycott and the Farringtons parted ways and Draycott set up DYP and the Farringtons traded a Pacific Recruitment and since then they have traded as MANY DIFFERENT company names and moved commercial properties many times, I believe the Farringtons are trading as Thelearningcollege in the Stoke Area at the moment !!.

        The fact remains that DRAYCOTT and FARRINGTONS have no teaching experience and the businesses were set up with the mere fact of selling training courses and assuring people if they complete the course they will get a job as a TA or a Teacher and the businesses were a GET RICH SCHEME FOR THE FARRINGTONS AND DRAYCOTT.

        So how do their companies operate……Farringtons and Draycottt advertise FAKE JOBS VACANCIES IN SCHOOLS THROUGHOUT THE UK, Jobs as Teaching Assistants, Teachers, SEN Workers etc

        Vulnerable Jobseekers then apply to these jobs with a range of experience and they apply by sending their CV with their contact/home address details then the Farringtons or Draycotts sales teams call these applicants and interview them for the job that they have applied for….They have a script and they say “Oh you do not have the right experience for this job at this stage, however if you do a course costing £300, £400+ we can get you interviews and even a job” for those desperate to get into work this sounds a GREAT idea and worth every penny but when they do the course as much as the course might be informative, factual etc….THERE IS NO BENEFIT TO THEM GETTING WORK and their is NO JOB AT THE END OF THE COURSE, The courses have 20/30 people on them who have paid £300 each so that’s £6000 in their back pockets and it has cost them £300 in Tutor Fees for a so called tutor to do a video teaching session for 1 hour over an 8 week period so BIG PROFITS from DYP and THELEARNINGCOLLEGE and out of pocket for the jobseeker and back to square one for them. The Farringtons and Draycott in MY opinion should be heavily investigated and RANDOM CUSTOMERS of theirs should be interviewed to ascertain their thoughts.

  28. Annette says:

    Thanks Darren. That is my experience of them as well. I also applied to one of the jobs they advertised and even though I am a qualified teacher I didn’t have QTS as I didn’t do my teaching qualification in the UK. The sales guy told me the same story. If I do the course about the basics of teaching in the UK they will be able to send me for interviews. Without it there is no change. I didn’t learn anything new from the course. Very basic stuff any teacher knows,. When I emailed Kerri to ask when they are going to send me for interviews she told me the company is bankrupt. They knew they were going to close their doors way before the course started, but instead of returning the money they still continued with the course knowing they won’t be able to provide interviews for the people on the course. It is really disgusting.

    • Darren Street says:

      Kerri and Scott are still trading, they now run thelearningcollege out of Stoke on Trent, they are based Brampton House, 10 Queen Street, Newcastle Under Lyme, ST5 1ED, the phone number is 01782 664864….. Kerri will often start a business, run it for 12 months and then close it down, submit no accounts etc….she has experience of accounts and hmrc so she knows how to play the system. Disgusting Annette that you were scammed but how could I guess there process and the chances that you encountered this. Did you contact the Jobboard that you used to complain that the advert was a FAKE, who was the job-board Annette ? Kerri Farrington will stop at nothing to make money, she craves the rich life style and she will get this no matter who she hurts to get it, the farringtons have NO MORALS.

  29. Annette says:

    Darren I did. It was Total Jobs. When they started Pacific Recruitment I saw similar ads and warned them again about what happened with RDS. They came back to me and said they will investigate but I never heard anything again.

    I am just glad this blog gets the attention of people who might be scammed by the Farrington’s. Quite a few people have posted that they considered the courses but after reading the comments here they are glad to be warned.

    If it can help others not to be scammed I am happy.

  30. Darren Street says:

    Personally I do not think enough is being done, the jobs boards don’t care they just want the farringtons money, in my eyes the farringtons are corrupt, they never file accounts on time, change company names etc…..they should be FULLY investigated by HMRC etc

  31. Laurence Kirkby says:

    It’s an absolute joke people like this are allowed to continue trading.
    This is about the 6th thing I’ve come across since this morning about recruitment companies scamming people.
    Im searching for work in a new area, so I’m reliant on agencies right now for help and the more I research the more I’m thinking of not bothering with any of them. I’ve already refused to sign with one that wanted to send me on a health and safety course I’ll never need at a quite considerable expense before they took me on. And there’s many like this learning centre place as well. It’s disgusting they can just keep on keeping on. I think they need rogue traders to be a daily show cos there’s way too many people up and down the country conning people and getting away with it. Absolutely sickening, no better than burglars and pickpockets, they just do it in a way that seems legit.

    • Annette says:

      I think the moment a recruitment company first needs you to do a course before you are “good enough” you have to see the red lights. Recruitment companies should be entirely separate from educational establishments, unless the recruitment company is prepared to offer the courses for free.

      • Laurence Kirkby says:

        After reading your original post I decided to do a little sleuthing myself. Their testimonial page has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read, it beats any Marx brothers script for pure, utter comedy.

        The prose and syntax is exactly the same in so many of the messages posted. Clearly written by the same person, with names they’ve gleaned from somewhere (probably social networks) but what struck me most was the amount of people claiming to have numerous years of teaching experience, yet can’t construct a sentence or spell very basic words correctly. One of them is even ALL IN BOLD – which I suspect is their attempt at making it look more realistic compared to the others. Personally, I don’t trust testimonials unless there’s a profile connected to them. Amazon is an amazing example of this, you’ll get ten reviews, 5 great ones, from “an Amazon customer” meaning, they have an account, nothing more so probably the seller boosting his score. 3 good to great ones, with the caveat they’ve received it for free (so of course they’ll give a decent review, so they get more free things) and then you’ll get two bad reviews. Most of the time from Verified purchases, meaning they’ve bought it, and hated it and that’s about the only honest opinion you’ll get.

        I’d love to see genuine testimonials from people who have been with these kind of companies. I think the comments above are a far better reflection than a million false testimonies myself.
        I’ve since taken my CV off the jobsites that have been mentioned above, Indeed and Reed etc. And any job I do apply for as from now, will have a purely job related email address for correspondence and no phone number. With any luck I’ll avoid being taken for a fool as it’s easier to lull someone into a false sense of security over the phone than via email.

      • Annette says:

        Quite a few people have found this post and at least it saved them money. Hopefully more people will do some research before they just fall for all these lies.

  32. Saima Latif says:

    Thank you soo much , I just received a call from them and was thinking to join but then before paying I decided to search for reviews and here I am . You saved my £300.
    Thank you

    • Annette says:

      I am so glad the post helped you to make an informed choice. If you want to do a TA course rather go to an established and accredited provider. You will have a much better chance of getting a job. Most local councils have colleges where you can do these courses and then at least you know it is a reputable establishment and your course is worth the money you pay for it.

  33. DAWN says:

    I have read through all the posts, I have been contacted by developing your potential recruitment trying to get me to sign up for a course as my CV was very good BUT i really needed to do this course. I feel so stupid that i almost fell for it and would of wasted alot of my time to in the end recieve nothing.

    • Annette says:

      Dawn they seem to have a standard reply to everyone. Their main aim is to sell their courses. Not to get you a job even though they advertise it as a job. I doubt if any of the jobs they advertise really exists.

  34. Bob says:

    Looks like Kerri and Scott Farrington have set up yet another company, New Focus College Limited ( They’re advertising through a Facebook page ( in case anyone wanted to leave a review/comment. Personally, I’m tempted to report the page as a scam.

    • Annette says:

      Hi Bob it might be worth a try. It won’t help to leave a comment on the page as they will just delete it. Thanks for the info. I will add it to the blog post.

  35. Samina begum says:

    I got scammed by Developing your potential recruitment. I paid £300 for a course that meant nothing. I have a degree in Early years education and thought a brush up would help with employment. A very enthusiastic man told me he would help me find work to never be contacted again. Living locally I thought I would visit their office if you could call it that! I looked through the window to see a sales floor! And their deals board!!! It looked like a youth centre. I turned straight round and have informed the police and trading standards. Absoloutley dispicable, stay well clear of these scam artists.

    • Annette says:

      Good for you Samina. I really hope trading standards will look into their business practises, because it is all build on lies.

  36. Annabelle says:

    Why is no legal action been taken on them?
    They got this page removed from Google search

  37. Oli Ta says:

    Thanks for this! Yes they are still out and about: I got a call, but they didn’t offer me any courses, just sent me a form to fill my details (like bank details passport numbers and drivers licence – how is that relevant?). Could be, that they thought I don’t have QTS, since CV-library or Totaljobs had my CV before I found out I am awarded one. So I will ignore them, thanks !! I thought suspicious when the guy was putting words in my mouth, like – so you are impatient to get a job? erm…no… ok, so I found out your requirements – hang on you didn’t – I want this this and that – but I got the feeling he doesn’t care, even at the start, when I asked where he is calling from, and how he found my CV, I was very much interrupting his prepared speech…

    • Annette says:

      Rather stay away. Most councils advertise teaching jobs on their website and you can also look on TES. These guys main aim is to sell their courses.

  38. Lucinda says:

    Develop your Potential has just tried to have me over. Luckily my bank spotted the transactions and blocked them. I fell for the telephone interview and paid a deposit of £10, the very slick sales man said I had a 14 day cooling off period. Then a really rude guy rang 4 days later, I explained that I had changed my mind, he was very shirty and said that they had already sent a module so I would have to pay. I reminded him of the 14 day cooling off period, he said he would listen to the original call and that I would be liable to pay. They attempted to take £90, then £200, then £285 from my account. Thank goodness for Santander! I will be reporting them to trading standards and the police.

  39. sarah says:

    Ekk so glad I’ve come across this and other pages! The learning centre sent me a very convincing email and had a call from ‘scott cooper’ who i now know is harrington to do a £369 course.. I looked up the phone number they called me on (01785 336464) and I’m so glad i did! He seems to have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies i’m not quite sure how they’ve lasted this long!

  40. Virginia McAllister-Evans says:

    Hi, Usually I search for scams and wish I had been more diligent. I have paid money to DYP and have finished “The Course”. Like many others, you get the call, told that you haven’t quite got the requirements and before I knew it, I was sucked into the potential of doing a bit more with what I had.

    I have since emailed them to ask them about what happens next, when they are going to carry out the promised revamping of my CV, when they are going to start pushing me for those vacancies (again something that they promised), and also my “Certificate” (again another promise).

    However, like another subscriber, I have found that the Draycott has a relationship with Farrington, even if it is just a business relationship. So, just need to make people aware of this. It is RDS.

    On top of this, I have just found that the Farringtons have a new company, which, at the time of writing (9 May 2018), is active. So, I hope and hope that people will read down something like this and find this company. It is called New Focus Group Limited, and Company Registration Number is 10270097 (just to ensure that this is not confused with anything of similar or same name).

    Interestingly, any website addresses I have for DYP (including a link for Facebook) and there are errors trying to link up to the websites. Of course, this fills you with lots of confidence. Google the address, and the map view shows a house!

    I should have listened to my vibes and done more than the bit of a search I did, but I hope that others will not fall foul to these people and companies.

    Advice to others: You are intellectuals – do your research thoroughly – and tell the caller to “do one” while you research. If they are worth respect and a proper company, they will politely say that this is something you should do. They should not get shirty and disrespectful.

    Good luck guys

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